Portsmouth Harbour Spinnaker Tower

Lighting Design:

Project Notes:
This 170m high tower has been made iconic at night with lighting supplied by SILL. Excellent optical control meant the light was projected to the top of the tower with no problems of light spillage.
Products Used:
Installed: (LED alternative)
005 High Power Projectors *n/a
495 POWER PROJECTORS (49 Series)
494 POWER PROJECTORS (49 Series)
491 POWER PROJECTORS (49 Series)
Product Note:
SILL Lighting offers both HID and LED solutions: each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages – depending on project and site specific requirements. This installation incorporates HID technology. Current LED product alternatives are included in brackets for interest

(* 1kW / 2kW high power projectors have no cost-effective LED solution)