Architect: Daniel Libeskind

Lighting Design: DHA Design

Project Notes:
SILL have supplied products to enhance the architecture and aluminium of this iconic architectural landmark building in such a way as to accentuate its sharp angles and metallic surface without being overcome by the reflective nature of the same material. SILL supplied bespoke pan and tilt brackets with the luminaires so they could be mounted to minimise light spill. The solution was achieved without compromising any views of the building itself. SILL accessories and the world class optics mean glare was minimised and the light used highly efficiently.
Products Used:
Installed: (LED alternative)
022 Parabolic Projectors (02 Series)
030 Linear Projectors (49 Series)
485 Buried Uplighters (49 Series)
Product Note:
SILL Lighting offers both HID and LED solutions: each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages – depending on project and site specific requirements. This installation incorporates HID technology. Current LED product alternatives are included in brackets for interest.