Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 Departures

Lighting Design:
Pinniger & Partners Lighting Consultants

Project Notes:
SILL projectors were selected for their aesthetic and discreet design. All BAA lighting standards were met. Aluminium extruded remote control gear boxes allowed installation behind the façade. The interconnect cabling was supplied by SILL to facilitate easier, quicker and error free installation.
Products Used:
Installed: (LED alternative)
021 Projectors with ellipsoidal lenses (02 Series + lens)
041 LED Spotlights *n/a
Honeycomb louvres *n/a
Anti-glare cowls *n/a
DMX control *n/a
Product Note:
SILL Lighting offers both HID and LED solutions: each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages – depending on project and site specific requirements. This installation incorporates HID and LED technology. Current LED product alternatives to the HID are included in brackets for interest