Boyne Bridge, Dublin

Lighting Design:
Phoenix Large / lightmatters

Project Notes:
The twin challenges of illuminating stays of unequal length whilst avoiding any glare to bridge traffic were met using SILL projectors, each being fitted with a bespoke deep cowl. Blue dichroic filters and anti-vibration dampers were also fitted to provide the aesthetic required whilst avoiding possible long term oscillation issues.
Products Used:
Installed: (LED alternative)
495 High Power Projectors (49 Series)
Blue dichroic filters *n/a
Bespoke glare cowls *n/a
Product Note:
SILL Lighting offers both HID and LED solutions: each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages – depending on project and site specific requirements. This installation incorporates HID technology. Current LED product alternatives are included in brackets for interest. Various accessories are available for the 49 LED Series.