The Akershus Fortress is an historically important complex in the heart of the Norwegian capital Oslo. It is located on the Akersneset peninsula on the shores of the Oslo Fjord. There she marks the silhouette of the city and stands out as a landmark.
The lighting designer Eric Selmer has exclusively realized the illumination of the Akershus Fortress with SILL lights using the series 133, 141, 420 and 490. These were mounted on poles and walls.

This project won the award for the Best Illuminated Project in the "Norwegian Lighting Awards 2014"
" It was a meeting between human creativity, technology, architecture and history " ,  Marie Eriksen Søreide, the Norwegian Minister of Defence said. "We wanted the fortress, the church and the castle lit against the dark night sky" She also pointed out that the system is both "energy-saving and future-oriented", but above all a new boost for the Akershus complex.

Photo: Erik Selmer
Lighting Design:.. Erik Selmer Siv Ark MNAL
Supplier: Luminator / SILL lighting
Products Used:
Installed: (LED alternative)
133 High Power Projectors 02 Series
141 LED Projectors 14 Series
420 Minis Citylighters 155 Series
490 High Power Projectors 49 Series

Product Note: SILL Lighting offers both HID and LED solutions: each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages – depending on project and site specific requirements. This installation incorporates both HID and LED technology. Current LED product alternatives are included in brackets for interest.