Product Finder

Product - The product number e.g. 49 or 177 etc.

Size - The product size i.e. S M or L of of applicable range/ series

LVK (Distribution) - The photometric distribution type i.e. 3 5 etc.

Power - Enter the power of the luminaire. In general for LED wattages add a 0 in front of the power to get a three digit code
i.e.for 30W type 030
For HID options drop the last digit 70W = 007, 150W = 015

Colour - The colour temperature of the light i.e.
WW = Warm White (3000K)
NW = Neutral White (4000K)
KW = Cool White (5700K)
A = Amber

For four channel projectors such as the 14 series add four letters i.e. WWWW or RGBN

Control - Enter D for Dali, C for DMX


The SILL Lighting product range is extremely large. If you know what product code you are looking for please use the search facility below.
Enter the full or part code of a luminaire to narrow your search. Not all boxes need to be filled in to search.
LVK (Distribution)
Code Power