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Our factory in Berlin is referred to as the “Lichttechnische Spezialfabrik”, which roughly translates as the ‘Special Lighting Technology Factory’. SILL Lighting have huge experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing special and bespoke products from the simplest to the most challenging. It was SILL Lighting who engineered the LED projectors on the Nelson Mandela Bridge in South Africa. It was SILL Lighting who overcame the environmental challenges of salt laden 65m/s winds to relight the 254m high Storebaelt Bridge between Denmark and Sweden and it was SILL Lighting who designed the mirror system so discretely integrated into the religious architecture of the Grand Mosque in Medina.
Quality from start to finish: Made in Germany – the ultimate stamp of quality.

The bodyshell of SILL projectors is made of a very high quality aluminium alloy: the actual grade is known as EN AC-Al Si12. The difference is the very low percentage (< 0.1%) of copper impurities, the advantage is improved corrosion resistance and resultant ultra-long life in even the most demanding environments.

All components are either manufactured in-house or sourced from renowned manufacturers. All aspects of the SILL products and their design are of the same high quality. This approach guarantees minimum through-life cost to the end client. Our LED products all carry a 5 Year Guarantee.

On site reliability and LED / lamp life is a function of thermal engineering. Lamps, control gear and components all have a set maximum temperature: SILL pays as much attention to these life guaranteeing aspects of performance as it does to all others. We have in-house thermal and ingress protection test laboratories, and in-house quality control management and testing according to EN and ISO standards.

As we move ever more towards LED technology, this background of reliability and thermal engineering underpins our exciting new product developments.

We have world class reflector technology with high precision and efficiency: and a uniquely wide range.

SILL has world beating reflector technology including a huge range of light distributions from narrow, to asymmetric, wide or even elliptical. We have reflectors purpose designed for nearly every lighting requirement. In terms of efficiency our computer designed, super-pure aluminium reflectors ensure maximum output for the minimum use of energy. This philosophy has been followed through to our use of LED technology: where we utilise the right lens for the right application and, where it makes sense, the right reflector. We have our own in-house photometric laboratory with rotating photometer. SILL has built a world reputation for the accuracy and range of its photometrics with a guaranteed performance of its products.


A stylish appearance is more than skin deep. Behind this is the guarantee of functionality over many years.
Design is the optimal fusion of form with function. Striking a balance between the two is increasingly difficult in today’s world. Architecture requires ever more complex lighting concepts, while at the same time economic viability and energy efficiency become more crucial. SILL products combine aesthetic good looks with engineered excellence.

SILL Lighting has unrivalled experience in major projects such as airports, railway stations, shopping malls, exhibition grounds, skyscrapers and landmark buildings all around the world. We employ a highly-qualified team of engineers and designers, who work with the latest software to plan and conduct complex light solutions. The result is a company that can look to sixty years of sustainable experience in the lighting business on the basis of innovative technology, timeless product design and luminaires with an exceptionally long lifespan.


Innovation is about more than just an idea. Innovation must consider and anticipate the needs of the market and align itself with these, as well as being viable in series production and in long term use.

The growing demand for innovative lighting results in new solutions. We deliver them in every form – and are often the first to do so.
The result of many years’ close collaboration with designers are luminaires – often in the form of special or bespoke fittings – that continually set new quality standards. Knowledge gained from the design of special fittings (which are manufactured to full production line standards) is then used to inspire and launch future standard ranges. Our market oriented product development has made us the world leader in projector technology – think of it as the three-dimensional shape of light. In recent years LED technology has been in the vanguard of SILL’s innovation.


If you wish to light up the future, it’s important to consider one thing: sustainability. We do this every step of the way.

There is a lot of light these days – maybe far too much at times. Throughout the entire product lifecycle of our luminaires, we make sure we are providing light for the user and not an extra burden for the environment: our reflector and lens technology directs light only to where it’s needed, thus minimising light spill. The high quality of our reflectors and lenses ensures minimal energy consumption. Their thermal engineering and construction ensures maximum LED / lamp life. The quality of our responsibly sourced materials ultimately ensures maximum recyclability.

But that’s not all: we were the first company in the world to pioneer ‘zero light pollution’ technology (35 years ago). Our German production facility complies with the most stringent European and German environmental standards. Moreover, the electricity in our Berlin factory is bought from a 100% renewable source. Our employees enjoy safe and positive working environments.
Julie Blaine: Sales Administrator: has been with SILL Lighting since 2001 looking after Sales order processing and accounting. One of our great, knowledgeable and friendly team members: please contact Julie for our quotation, or if you have a delivery query or wish to place an order.

Guy Harding C.Eng. FILP MSLL
Guy Harding joined SILL Lighting in 2016 and is the Technical Manager.

He has spent 28 years within the lighting industry, heading up New Product Development for a multi-national lighting company and also designing lighting and motorway communications for an Engineering consultancy.

Guy Harding is a Member of the SLL (MSLL) and also Assistant Honorary Treasurer (Member of the Executive Board) and a Fellow of the Institution for Lighting Professionals. He is a PTLLS qualified Lecturer on the ILP Exterior lighting Diploma. He has acted as an expert witness at a registered design right case and has one UK Patent and two worldwide patents pending.
He has a wide experience of lighting design, electrical installations and also materials, finishes and processes used within the lighting industry.

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Tony Granycome: Project Engineer: Tony has twenty years’ experience within the lighting industry and during this time has worked in various roles including lighting design, technical support and new product development. Tony understands both the technical and aesthetic requirements of a project allowing him to work with clients to assist in achieving the best solution for a project.

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SILL luminaires receive dark-sky friendly certification
SILL is proud to announce that its projectors have been officially certified “dark-sky friendly” by the International Dark-Sky Association. The goal of the International Dark-Sky Association is to combat the adverse effects of light pollution, decrease energy consumption and to reclaim dark, natural night skies for the benefit of both people and the environment. Its most common effect is the increasing glow of the sky above a built-up area created by artificial sources of light whose light is scattered into the atmosphere. Air molecules, aerosols and fumes in the atmosphere reflect the light and brighten up the sky background – restricting the view of the stars. Nature also increasingly suffers from the artificially bright nights. Road lighting is one of the key sources for this “light fog” over the cities and contributes up to 50% of the flare in the sky. The key solution is to use projectors that emit all of their light downwards, below the horizontal – so called flat glass projectors. Concentrating the light where it is needed, not into the sky also saves energy and reduces CO² emission. All luminaires are subjected to a rigorous photometric testing process before they can be considered IDA-certified. This seal of approval provides objective, third-party certification for luminaires that minimise glare and do not pollute the night sky. SILL projectors provide a valuable contribution to the Environment Protection and the dark sky.

For more information on IDA certification and the mission of the International Dark-Sky Association, please visit www.darksky.org

Certification from the Astrophysical Institute of the Canary Islands
The quality of the sky for astronomical research and observation over the Canary Islands is so exceptional that it has even been protected by a law, known as the ‘Sky Law’. The renowned Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) has commended SILL luminaires for their sky-protecting light quality. This guards against light scatter, which leads to excessive light reflection from particles in the air and obscures the view of the sky. The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) is part of the European Northern Observatory (ENO) and supervises the compliance for these severe requirements to safeguard a clear and clean sky.