Sammode, Hoffmeister and Sill form a new alliance: SHS Lighting, the European specialist in technical lighting. Industrial and family-owned, our three companies share decades of expertise, innovation and excellence. We also have the same DNA, the same corporateculture, resulting from a perfect combination of historical know-how and cutting-edge technology, direct control over the production process from design to manufacturing, and a close working relationship with customers. Our industrial expertise sets the benchmark. It defines our uniquely high standards, allowing us to guarantee the precision, performance, reliability and long-term robustness of all our products, with the utmost flexibility and the focus on design. SHS Lighting combines the best of “Made in France” and “Made in Germany”.

The benchmark in performance and design for urban and architectural lighting

Founded in 1954 in Berlin by Franz Sill and Werner Fuchs, Sill has earned a global reputation for the performance of the optics and reflectors in its high-power projectors. It is now recognised as a specialist in lighting urban areas and large-scale buildings such as industrial plants, stations, airports, bridges, towers and ports. The company’s signature designs, uniquely understated and made to the highest standards, are chosen by architects and lighting designers all over the world. Sill is known for the very high quality and durability of its aluminium alloy housed products which give outstanding corrosion resistance.

Excellence in lighting art, culture and heritage

Founded in 1910 by Wilhelm Hoffmeister and now based in Schalksmühle (North Rhine-Westphalia), Hoffmeister manufactures precise and innovative luminaires, particularly for museums and other cultural or heritage buildings. The company specialises in spotlights and floodlights as well as outdoor building illumination. It develops precise lighting solutions delivering high optical precision, a diverse range of photometric distributions and exceptional light quality. Products which furthermore are compatible with all current light management and control systems. As proof of the vitality of its technical culture and excellence in lighting technologies, Hoffmeister holds several patents.

Technical lighting expert since 1927

Sammode is an independent family-owned enterprise specialised in technical industrial and architectural lighting. Sammode was founded in 1927 at Châtillon-sur-Saône, by a family from the Vosges region.We keenly focus the design of our lighting products on the essentials. Simple and efficient, functional and inventive, they combine the qualities of robustness, imperviousness, resistance… and adaptability, because we listen to our customers and focus all our energy on meeting their needs.We master the chain of expertise from end to end, from conception to fabrication, by way of the choice of components and the development of the production tools on our manufacturing site. This control of the industrial process enables us to ensure our exacting standards, unique and recognised in our business.

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