Lighting by Application

Transport Interchanges
(examples: airports, car parks, stations, terminals, ports, ...): rail, road, air & water
Roads & Pathways
(i.e. typically column mounted, sometimes wall mounted, illuminating a continuous strip, usually single sided or staggered)  Also includes zebra crossings
(examples: plazas, public spaces, public realm, pedestrian zones, atria, …nominally flat planes, nominally shared space, and nominally horizontal)
Sports - Direct Lighting
(examples: arenas, pitches, MUGAs, courts, sporting tracks, ranges, high power sports floodlighting for stadia,…)

For information on Very High Power Projectors 003, 004, 005 and 007 please call our Technical dept on 01844 260 006
Sports - Indirect

(pools, gymnasia [inc. weights etc], …)